Robin Williams & Daughter Zelda (Named After The Princess) Do Ocarina Of Time Commercial

June 16, 2011


This is a short commercial for the Nintendo 3DS release of 'Ocarina of Time' starring Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda, WHO READS GEEKOLOGIE and was named after Princess Zelda in 1989 after only the first two games had come out. Thankfully, he'd only played the first at the time and not 'The Adventure of Link', because there's no way he could have played that one and not named her 'Seriously, F*** That Last Palace'. I still haven't beat that shit.

Hit the jump for the commercial, along with a 4:00 interview of the two talking about why she was named Zelda, in which Robin clarifies it's not because of F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife (although that is where Miyamoto originally got the name).

Ocarina of Time Commercial [albotas]

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