'Realistic' Buzz Lightyear/Woody Action Figs

June 16, 2011


These are two Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures crafted by toymaker/modder Luis Eduardo Vargas Montoya, who has a pretty sweet name. My name is Luis Eduardo Vargas Montoya -- you killed my fish when I went on vacation and were supposed to feed them, prepare to take me to the pet store. I'm not sure if they were modded from existing toys or molded from scratch, but they're both pretty badass. I tried making my own action figure once by replacing the legs of a Thundercat (Jaga) with some from a Ninja Turtle and the head of a G.I. Joe, but Votron made fun of him so bad and he ended up setting himself on fire in the woods behind my house with my dad's cologne. Okay so I did that, but still. He wanted out.

Hit the jump for a couple trio more pics.





Luis's Website
Toy Story Unleashed [cartoonbrew]

Thanks to blaqk_panda, who once replaced a G.I. Joe's head with fireworks.

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