Pokémon As Street-Fightery Fighting Game

June 15, 2011


This is a 6-minute video of 'Pokémon Type: Wild', a fan-made (playable!) video game that re-imagines the turn-based franchise as a fast-action brawl complete with special-move animations. Admittedly, I do hate taking turns playing video games. I'm more of an crazed button masher. And by buttons I mean beans. And by masher I mean counter. I'm a bean counter, okay? A F***ING ACCOUNT. God I hate my life.

Hit the jump for the video and a link to the stand-alone downloadable game.

Note: Per install instructions, "If it doesn't work on your computer at first, try right clicking the application, clicking properties, and changing the compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 3."

Game Download Link [megaupload]
If Pokémon Was Street Fighter, the World Would be a Better Place [kotaku]

Thanks to Julie and Thatos, who like their turned-based video games like they like their Wii consoles: traded into Gamestop for something better.

  • EpicSonic13

    Aw man, the link wont show, I Need Help! Anyone?!?!?!

  • EpicSonic13

    Awesome! Ill like this 100%! I've Waited For a Pokémon Game Like This! Rate 100 Stars Of this Because Lucarioness. :3

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