Oh You Guys!: LEGOLand General Manager Pranked With LEGO Version Of His Volvo

June 23, 2011


When LEGOLand California General Manager Peter Rochetti came out to the parking lot to leave work for the day he found out his Volvo SUV had been replaced with a nonfunctional LEGO version. "Oh you guys! Are you guys messing with me again?! Because if I find out you actually sold my car and replaced it with a LEGO one I WILL F***ING FIRE YOU ALL AND BURN YOUR HOUSES TO ASH!!!! I think he had cocktails at lunch.

The blue beauty was made of 201,760 pieces of lego and weighed 2,934 pounds, reports the LA Times.

I love how he tries the door handle. Peter, please tell me you just wanted to see if there was an interior and not because you thought it was a real car. Because, I'm not gonna lie, that would be a bad sign for a guy running a multi-million dollar business. Also, "Don't bother coming to work tomorrow."

Hit the jump for the short video.

Legoland Prank Swaps Volvo With Lego Car [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Melissa, who once replaced a frienemy's bicycle brakes with a piece of yarn to teach them a lesson. About what, DYING?!

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