Not Foolin' Anyone: Marvel Superhero Hoodies

June 14, 2011


This is a line of Marvel superhero/supervillain hoodies for sale by ThinkGeek. As you can see, they come in Spiderman, Venom and Captain America varieties and will set you back $50 apiece. And that's for any size -- including 2XL. Now that's what I call taking your target demographic into consideration! Get it? Because I'm overweight. Just sayin', you wanna know the last time I saw my toes? During last month's pedi. God, I'm not THAT bad! (Yes I am too they could've painted little penises on my nails for all I know).

ThinkGeek Product Site
Marvel Superhero Hoodies [laughingsquid]

A special shoutout to Patty Mayonnaise -- get better soon, we're thinking about you.

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