Nice Moon Boots, Bro: The First Dog Fitted With Prosthetic Paws On All Four Feet

June 22, 2011


Seen here after successfully fetching a 20oz soda (God, get him a toy!), Naki'o shows off his moon-boot prosthetic paws. Naki'o is the first dog to have all four paws replaced with prosthetics, and refuses to let the mailman go easy on him. The sob story, which you might want to skip if you're an easy crier:

Naki'o was abandoned as a puppy when his owners left their foreclosed home. During the Nebraskan winter, he stepped into an icy puddle in the home's basement and got all four of his paws trapped in the freezing water. With severe frostbite, Naki'0 and the rest of his litter were transported to an animal rescue center. Veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson adopted Naki'o, and organized a fundraiser to pay for his two back legs to be fitted with the prosthetics. He came through the procedure so well that Orthopets decided to donate the remaining two prosthetic legs. The prosthetics are designed to replicate the muscle and bone structure of the dog's natural limbs.

BOOM -- happy ending. Now I don't want to go off the deep end about WTF is wrong with people who don't treat animals (and their allegedly loved pets) with any compassion, so I'll just say this: I will find you, and I will kill you. Also, when they start fitting dogs with rocket boots we've gone too far.

Hit the jump for a short video of Rompy McHopper in action.

Dog With Four Prosthetic Legs Is Heart-Meltingly Adorable [geekosystem]

Thanks to Noah, who's not above breaking somebody's knees backwards to prove a point.

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