Needs More Axe (The Blade, Not The Body Spray): A Scent-Producing Robotic Armpit

June 29, 2011


Seen here looking like the cross between an alien vagina and my monitor about to be covered in pre-chewed breakfast burrito, the robotic armpit designed by Kevin Grennan (who is clearly a sicko to the nth degree) shows off its first pubes. Why make a robotic armpit? GOOD F***ING QUESTION, KEVIN.

The idea behind it is that it can interact with humans using their sense of smell. So if this was installed on a bomb-sniffing robot, for example, it could emit the smell of human fear. A nice idea, but if I was hanging out with a robot that had just detected a bomb, I'd want something a little more obvious and clear, like an alarm...

The whole thing works by releasing a chemical called androstadienone, which is found in male sweat.

My armpits smell like chili-cheese hotdogs with onions and relish aside, you know what else is found in male sweat? Sperm. It's true, that's why my bedsheets glow under blacklight. *whistling*

This robotic armpit exists for some reason [dvice]

Thanks to Robbie, who has a female armpit fetish and said I could tell everyone provided I don't mention his last name. Benesh. JK JK! Erickson.

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