Motorcycle Crash And Subsequent Bike Dance

June 24, 2011


I'm dancing, I'm dancing!

This video is all over the tubes and I was trying to avoid posting it but now I'm afraid I won't stop getting the tip unless I do (and probably still will so I really don't know why I'm doing this besides accidentally drinking decaf this morning). So here it is: a video of a motorcycle crash after which the two bikes intertwine their handlebars and make sweet, sweet circular love. "Yeaaaaaaah, that's not how motorcycles do it." Yes it is too. "You don't know anything about sex, do you?" Yes huh I do! An older kid on the bus said it was like shooting fireworks out of your pecker. "And you believed him?!" Would I have sprayed my pubes with flame-retardant if I didn't? "That's hairspray." I'm rockin' a new 'do!

Hit the jump for the have seen video.


Thanks to Slyce, killerabbit, Tom, Jamie, krag, Duncan and bb, who always lock their bikes to racks away from other bikes so there's no funny business.

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