Luke, I Am Your Terrible Father: Vader Goes To Disneyland (And Doesn't Bring His Kids!)

June 6, 2011


Darth Vader
, being the deadbeat dad that he is, decided to go to Disneyland to check out the revamped Star Tours ride and didn't bother bringing Luke or Leia. This is a video of his trip, which was made with the help of Geekologie Reader and stormtrooper TK-745 (not to be confused with TK-421, who was the only stormtrooper to be referred to by his designation in the original trilogy and died aboard the Death Star). So yeah, an adult male going to an amusement park without his kids. CREEPY THE VADE IS CREEPY.

Hit the jump for the vacation video, a commercial for the updated ride, and another showing the queue line attractions and some on-ride footage. Did somebody say "bonus video of the closing ceremony they held last year before revamping the ride"? You got it! Also: *wiping booger on arm* cooties.


Thanks to TK-745, who's been Force-choked before and kinda liked it.

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