Learning Valuable Lessons: Why You Don't Ignite A Balloon Filled With Flammable Gas

June 28, 2011


Because this is what happens. Plus you ruin a perfectly good backup condom. Or, in your case, balloon animal. "Whatever bro, I used to date a chick and one time we were getting so hot and heavy at Makeout Point we ended up using a Doritos bag." That...is not something I'd brag about. "What if I said it was a Pringles can?" Okay now you have my attention.

Hit the jump for the 'facial hair is overrated' in action.

This Is Why You Don't Light a Flammable Balloon on Fire [gizmodo]

Thanks to Marcus, who can still remember the first time he burnt his face off. Really? I was black-out drunk my first time.

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