Now How Am I Supposed To Type With That?!: Keyboard With Key Height According To Usage

June 1, 2011


That's a whole lot of E's (which makes sense considering Geekologie has three and everybody is all "GEEKOLOGIE GEEKOLOGIE GEEKOLOGIE!!" all day long). Created by Michael Knuepfel, the height of each key on the (of course Apple) keyboard is directly related to its usage according to data found on Wikipedia, which I may or may yes have been life-banned from ever editing. BUT I'M AN EXPERT ON EVERYTHING. "Women?" They smell good and never fart.

Hit the jump for another shot, the letter frequency graph used, and a video of the phallic letter wobblin' in action.



Keyboard Frequency Sculpture (on Mike's website)
Why This Keyboard Forms a Skyline [gizmodo]

Thanks to Patrick, whose letter usage is random because he just beats his head on the keyboard. Not gonna lie, your tip made zero sense.

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