Johan's Ark: Man Dreams Of Apocalypse, Builds Functional (It Floats) Noah's Ark Replica

June 22, 2011


Johan Huibers, who may or may yes need to stop eating spicy food before bed, had a dream that part of his native Holland flooded. So what did he do -- wake up and have a cup of coffee? Hell no -- he started construction on a "full-size" replica of Noah's Ark. I, uh, I would have done the coffee thing. Or -- OR -- gone back to sleep until I had a good dream.

The almost-finished vessel you see pictured above is actually Huibers' second whack at making an ark of his own. The first was a half-sized replica, though this time the Dutch construction company director decided to go whole hog. It's even seaworthy, and Huibers plans for his ark to float along the Thames in London ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

Though we really have no way of knowing, Biblical scholars peg Noah's Ark as being somewhere around 300 cubits in length, 50 wide and 30 high. In feet, that translates into a vessel 450 feet long -- or about the same as a Romulan Bird-of-Prey -- and 75 feet wide and 45 high.

Johan's second ark took three years and $1.6-million of his own dough to complete, but, from the look of it, would only take one un-extinguished cigarette to burn to the waterline. What do you know -- I guess Noah really did have good reason for leaving the dinosaurs behind! Get it?! Because their sexy asses be smokin'. Mm mm mmm -- just thinkin' about 'em makes me feel like I got curry in my penis!

Hit the jump for an NBC news report.

After doomsday vision, man builds full-sized, seaworthy Noah's Ark [dvice]

Thanks to Zy, who sent the tip after feeling inspired by the fact that the last article was sent to me BY NOAH HIMSELF. Or maybe a different one. We may never know.

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