In Other Forever Alone News: A Tactile Vest That Allows Users To Feel Their Own Hugs

June 28, 2011


The Sense-Roid is a mannequin fitted with sensors connected to a tactile feedback vest worn by a user. That way when you dry-hump the thing you receive the same sensations it does. Creepy as shit!

The system is composed of a lay figure with tactile sensors to detect the user's caressing motion, and a tactile jacket with vibrators and artificial muscles to reflect the caressing motion to the user. As a result, users caress themselves through our Sense-Roid. We believe that this self-caressing experience will enlighten people about the value of caressing.

God, whatever happened to crossing your arms around you chest and facing a bank of lockers so everyone thinks you're making out with someone else? I used to do that all the time in middle school. Unfortunately, in the meantime I've grown into a frigid-cold person and really don't wanna hug myself anymore. Get it? Because I might cut myself on a nip. I've got like permanent 9's on the Mohs hardness scale over here! *spit-polishing*

Hit the jump for two very sad videos. Watch the second shorter one for a dude who is like, waaaaaaay into it.

This hugging robot means we're one step closer to doppelgänger sexbots [io9]

Thanks to Kristi, who knows the importance of receiving at least 8-9 hugs a day and the importance it plays in one's feeling of well-being. Give it to me straight, Kristi -- what's the equivalent in wrapping myself in a towel and crying on the bathroom floor. An hour? I can do an hour.

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