In Other Batman News: Caped Crusader Caught Dangling From Rooftop, Arrested

June 27, 2011


Seen here WITH HIS SPINE ON THE WRONG F***ING SIDE OF HIS BODY, a 31-year old man (if you can call him that) was recently spied by police dangling from a 30-ft rooftop playing Batman. Theeeeeeen promptly arrested. No word if Robin came up with bail.

[Batman] was taken into custody by police in Petoskey, and had several items confiscated including lead-lined gloves, a baton-esque weapon, and a can of chemical irritant spray.

The man, like any good superhero, has so far managed to keep his real identity (i.e. his name) under wraps.

However, we do know he's been charged with trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Petoskey public safety director John Calabrese told the local News-Review he believes the man 'enjoys doing this'.

Well of course the man 'enjoys doing this'. Who doesn't love playing superhero?! Shit, I spent half my weekend in tights running around the neighborhood. "And the other half?" THE OTHER HALF IS NONE OF YOUR GOT-DAMN BUSINESS.

Hit the jump for one more picture which may or may yes include some of the gnarliest pit-stains I've seen in my life. Damn bro -- get Lucius Fox to whip up some f***ing anti-antiperspirant!


'Batman' arrested for hanging off roof with full Caped Crusader tool belt [metro]

Thanks to Ashleigh, who, for two Batman tips in one day, wins a golden batarang. But not really. I will put a gold star sticker by your name though. Well, if I had any. And to cpt Amazing, who agrees you're not in trouble if you don't get caught. But if you do get caught and you're wearing a superhero costume then, well, you're double f***ed.

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