If Pixar Made X-Men Movies: Baby Magneto

June 21, 2011


This is baby Magneto as imagined by artist Victor Hugo in the style of a Pixar movie (read: Toy Story). He looks...evil. Like the kind of kid your mom would make you go play with even though you don't like him and he's always doing really creepy shit like pulling the legs off bugs. *shivers* There was one of those in my neighborhood too. Pretty sure he's a serial killer now.

Hit the jump for Victor's inspiration for the piece, which is a sketch by artist Skottie Young of a bunch of baby mutants, and a link to a high-res version in cause you're looking for a new wallpaper. Me? I only need new drapes. You know, to match the carpet. Kidding, I don't even know what that means but I heard an older kid on the bus say it so I'm repeating it to sound cool. Handjob.


Victor's Website (with a high-res version and a bunch more 3-D art, including a series of Street Fighter characters)
Skottie's Website (with a ton of other geeky character art)
If Pixar Made 'X-Men: Babies' [movies]

Thanks to neolardo, the dyslexic-est of the Ninja Turtles. HA -- I thought for sure it would be Michelangelo!

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