Idiot Rioter Takes Flashbang To Babymaker

June 17, 2011


Fire in your hole!

This is a short video of the Vancouver riots after Boston beat them in the Stanley Cup Finals. Rioting: it's not just for winning teams anymore. Anyway, Burntpeen Ohmyballs here takes a flashbang straight to the wiener. And he deserved it. You know, this reminds me of playing Counter-Strike back in the college dorms when every round would start with some asshat flashbanging the whole squad and then trying to team-kill as many people as possible while calling us all homos. Man, those were the good 'ol days, weren't they? No, they weren't. Those were the bad ol' days when I'd look up IP's on my clan's server and plan on driving to people's houses and choking them out with a piece of ethernet cable. The doctor says I have anger management issues. I call it a strong sense of vigilante justice.

Hit the jump for the double-firecrotching (he's a ginger) in action.


Thanks to Syccness, Canuck and Nico, who are all convinced dude can piss fireworks now.

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