I Will Crush You On My Head!: Beer Can Robot

June 7, 2011


This is a lil robot that looks like a beer can until it sprouts tripod legs and starts dancing around on the table (NOT like a sessy table dance -- if you're hoping for a sessy table dance don't even bother watching because you're gonna be disappointed). I assume it opted to disguise itself as a beer can with the hopes of tricking unsuspecting drunks into picking it up to drink out of and then cutting their noses off. Which, not gonna lie, would be an improvement for some of the people I know. Ahem, Pinocchio. Stop lying about your age bro, no chick at the bar wants your woody schnoz inside of her.

Hit the jump for a short demo.

This real life beer can Transformer would definitely be a Decepticon [io9]

Thanks to Eric, who agrees a bottlebot would have been even scarier. *shivers*

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