Humans + Jellyfish DNA = Laser Vision?

June 14, 2011


Smooth move Cyclops, now the building's on fire.

Because what good is science if we can't all shoot lasers out of our eyeballs and take staring contests to a whole new level, researchers have successfully spliced jellyfish DNA into human cells, allowing them to produce biological lasers. It's gonna be like a giant game of Asteroids happening inside you!

All it takes to make a laser is something that lights up, plus a structure that can amplify and focus that light into a coherent beam. In the case of these biolasers, human kidney cells have been genetically enhanced to produce the proteins that make jellyfish glow.

These glowing cells were stuck between two tiny mirrors barely bigger than the cell itself, and when the cell was energized with blue light through a microscope, it fired out a bright green directional laser beam that was visible to the naked eye, just like a little laser pointer.

BOOSH, laser pointer eyes. I have no concept what purpose they'd serve besides looking cool, but isn't that the most important purpose anyway? It is. *trying to find straw my with tongue without looking*

Scientists combine humans with jellyfish to create living lasers [dvice]

Thanks to Eli, who's worried Cyclops might not feel so special anymore.

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