Hotdog Slicer Cuts Hotdogs Into Little People

June 15, 2011


Because how good can a hotdog really taste if it doesn't look like a little penis-person, Happy Hotdog Man DOES JUST THAT. Prefer your dogs to look like octopi? No problem, for some ungodly reason that exists too! Happy Hotdog Man, which (as pointed out by tipster Alan -- a self-proclaimed hotdog fanatic) is probably just a rebranded FrankFormer, making this article waaaaaay too in-depth about hotdog cutters than I ever wanted I'd write. So yeah, Happy Hotdog Man, it's (no lie) "a toy your kids can eat". God -- it's about time! Did you hear that, GW Jr.? I SAID SPIT OUT THE G.I. JOE.

Hit the jump for a terrible, terrible, terrible commercial.

Official Happy Hotdog Man Site
Official FrankFormer Site (with more design ideas!)

Thanks to Alan, who knows waaaaay too much about novelty hotdog products to not be some kind of undercover Oscar Mayer rep.

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