Heavily Armed Police Robot Leaves Tennessee Mobile Home "A Smoking Ruin After Firing Advanced Triple-Warhead Gas Grenades"

June 2, 2011



Apparently police officers in Tennessee, having trapped an armed fugitive in his mobile home after a high-speed chase, were reluctant to enter the domicile themselves, and instead opted to use a gas-grenade launching robot to smoke the perp out. Only thing is, it set the whole damn double-wide on fire and dude escaped out the back. DU-DU-DU-D'OH!

Will Chambliss swears a police robot burned his neighbor's Ellis Road home to the ground weeks ago by blasting what looked like a javelin of flames into the living room ...

One bolt of fire dove at a spot several feet straight past the doorway, he said. Another ricocheted right, toward a corner of the room hidden from the view of his binoculars.

The local police incident report suggests that this was a "Flameless Tri-Chamber" unit suitable for use indoors (the triple chambers in this design keep the hot parts of the grenade confined while letting gas escape). However the Herald Courier, based on casings found at the scene, speculates that the robot may instead have launched a Triple Chaser unit designed to blow apart into three widely scattered gas-emitter subcanisters on initiation so as to achieve faster gas coverage over a wider area outdoors.

The Triple Chaser's manufacturer states that it should not be used indoors "due to its fire-producing capability".

Pfft, you can't really blame the police for using an outdoor grenade inside. Who the hell reads safety warning labels anyways? *jamming fork into toaster to loosen bagel* You know, last time I did this it felt like I gained superpowers. "A little tingling, then pissing yourself and collapsing onto the stove?" OMG -- YOU HAVE THEM TOO?!?!

Police ROBOT attacks and BURNS DOWN HOUSE [theregister]

Thanks to chainbear, a different Scott than from the last tip and Martin, who all fight fire with fire. Not gonna lie, guys, I'd opt for water or a fire extinguisher first.

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