Goofy Sandal Records Your Every Move In A Quest To Build You THE ULTIMATE SHOE

June 14, 2011


Forget my ultimate shoe, I want a pair of those!

Seen here looking way too much like a shoe bomb to not be one, ForceShoes were designed to record every movement of a victim's foot to determine the severity of impairment following a stroke. But now they want to use them to make you THE ULTIMATE PAIR OF SNEAKERS. *slam-dunks Subway napkin I've been using to pick boogers all morning*

The sandals are not a fully commercial product yet, but researchers from the University of Twente believe there is potential for applications other than medicine. For example, SmartShoes could be used in the area of ergonomics. "You can use the shoe to form an objective impression of the physical burden placed on people in their work situation. This is something that insurance companies are very interested in", says Prof. Peter Veltink, who leads the research group behind the device. Other possible applications include analyzing performances of top-level athletes or other sportsmen.

Sure researchers could do that, or we could just all commit to only wearing sandals. You know, LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE hippies. Speaking of which -- did I ever tell you I used to date a chick who never shaved her armpits? Of course not, I WAS EMBARRASSED.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the shoes on in case you were wondering what kind of accessories they might go with. SPOILER: Velcro calf-bands.


ForceShoes enable extremely precise tracking of how their wearer walks [gizmag]
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Thanks to Ryan, who only wears moonboots. I like your style.

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