Goodbye Productivity!: Zelda Minecraft Game

June 28, 2011


player Mike520 (who's an hour late to the stoner party) has gone and created a 10+ hour playable Zelda adventure in the world of Minecraft. It's called Zelda Adventure and features 8 dungeons, 20 different functional weapons, cinematic cutscenes, shops, collectables, secret areas and more. It's also about to feature me whippin' some baddie ass as soon as my download finishes. *whistling* 56.6k modems, amirite? "Tell me you're joking." I'll tell you I'm joking but if you pick up the phone before my download's finished I'll kill you.

Hit the jump for a promo video of all the fun to be had, as well as a Link to the game.

Link to Download [minecraftforum]
'Zelda Adventure' Minecraft Mod Trailer Will Blow Your Mind [gamerant]

Thanks to Jason and melissa, who agree all princesses should be required to take classes in self defense and anti-kidnapping.

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