Girl Power!: Impractical Solar Paneled Bikini

June 13, 2011



This is a solar paneled bikini designed to produce enough electricity to charge a cell phone or other equivalent gadgetry. It's been in development since 2006 which is weird because it shouldn't take five years to make a solar paneled bikini. I could do that in an afternoon with a hot glue gun and still have enough time left over to glue a handful of popsicle sticks to my wiener. "For support?" No stupid, I'm into Pinocchio cosplay YES FOR SUPPORT. If I were a lady (which, based on the size of my moobs alone you'd swear I was) I would like, wear a regular bikini and just plug my phone in somewhere (or go topless!). Unfortunately, my body isn't exactly "bikini ready". *shaving tit hair* TO THE BEACH!

Hit the jump for one more of this girl and a bunch of closeups on a mannequin.






Solar Powered Bikini: Soak Up the Sun, Get a Tan, Use the Energy To Charge Your Gadgets [technabob]

Thanks to my buddy Gerard, who had solar paneled swim trunks but jumped in the pool without thinking and shocked himself. Now his balls ache whenever there's a thunderstorm coming.

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