Get A Muffler!: Noise Snare Ticketing System

June 1, 2011


Noise Snare is a system designed for collecting audio evidence (and the license plate numbers) of vehicles running louder than a certain decibel level. No word what happens if you cruise around with your horn blaring, but my guess is drive exactly like I do.

Noise Snare was invented by Mark Nesdoly, an electrical engineer from Edmonton, Canada. He was inspired to create it after a neighbor's loud motorcycle woke up his young daughter.

The system can be covertly mounted on a vehicle, which is then parked and left unattended at a location that municipalities wish to monitor. Once everything is armed, a microphone proceeds to register noise levels of passing vehicles. When a vehicle that exceeds legal noise levels is detected, a video camera captures footage of it, which is recorded - along with stereo audio - to DVD. Information such as the time, date and location of the infraction are superimposed on the footage, along with the vehicle's sound level in decibels.

Eh, I assume around here they'd catch mostly motorcyclists. Those things can be LOUD. Like, louder than a grizzly bear RAWRING inside a cave. "Pfft, how would you know?" Oh I don't know -- I'd just bought a knife and was in the market for a new rug. "Seriously?" Hell no, I followed it in thinking I'd found Bigfoot.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the NEEEEOOOOOOOOW, BUSTED! in action.

Noise Snare - photo radar for loud vehicles [gizmag]

Thanks to Tom, who owns an electric car that runs almost silent which is just as bad because I couldn't even tell it was on when he pulled out of a parking spot and hit me.

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