George Lucas Strikes Back: The Story Of Lucas' Revenge After Being Locked Away And Replaced By An Imposter The Past 20 Years

June 3, 2011


20 years ago, George Lucas was planning on settling down and focusing his efforts on making smaller, more personal movies. Then he was kidnapped, locked away, and replaced by the f***nugget responsible for those booboo prequels for almost 20 years, before finally escaping to exact his revenge. This is that story. Plus there's a brief Princess Leia as a stripper scene. Which, I don't know about you, but I found nowhere near as steamy as the Chewbacca as a mechanic scene. *waving oily rag over head like a helicopter* My God you reek in all the right ways! Let me blowtorch some of your nipple fur?

Hit the jump for 3-minutes of hands down better than anything else he's done in 20 years.


Thanks to Carter, the visionary vanguard and Squidy, who agree he's still to blame for taking so long to break out.

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