Futuristic!: Canada Moves To Plastic Money

June 21, 2011


Seen here sporting the handsome visage of Mark Twain Sir Robert Borden, the Bank of Canada's governor Mark Carney (who's made out with the bearded lady before but won't admit it) shows off the country's new plastic $100 bill. The $100 will be the first of the bills (Canada's -- several other countries already have plastic/hybrid bills) to be rolled out in polymer form this November, with $50's to follow next March, and the rest to be out by the end of 2013 (if we survive that long).

The polymer bank notes are more durable than paper money. The Bank of Canada expects the new bills to last 2.5 times longer than the paper ones.

They're also harder to fake than paper money. Some of the security features built into the new notes include raised ink, hidden numbers and metallic images in see-through windows.

The bills feel smooth and slightly waxy. They don't crumple easily, but they do crease when you try, and they don't seem to tear in half.

They don't tear in half?! But how am I supposed to perform my 'ripped bill repairs itself' magic trick? *calling manager* They're on to me -- cancel the Canadian portion of my magic tour, STAT!

Get ready for more plastic in your wallet; Canada switching to polymer bills [yahoonews]

Thanks to Ken, who's pissed Canadian rappers won't be able to rhyme about "gettin' that paper" anymore. Wait -- CANADA HAS RAPPERS?! "Yeah, Snow." Ahhhhhh. A licky boom-boom down!

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