Frightening 2.5-Second Chicken Deboning Bot

June 20, 2011


So appetizing.

Chicken: it might be what's for dinner. Me? I think I'm gonna have a little, oh I don't know -- PASTA WITH ARTICHOKES. BA-BWAM! Did I mention there will be berry cobbler and butter pecan ice cream for dessert? A LA MODE, BABY! This is an automated chicken deboner from Japan. It's frightening and will probably appear in more than one horror movie as a terrible way to die. *shivers, peeps down shirt to watch nips harden*

This Mayekawa Automatic Chicken Deboner shucks chickens at a rate of 1,500 birds an hour--that's ten times as fast as even the most skilled butcher--and retails for around $560,000. The system uses a specially-built image processing system that modifies the path of the blades to maximize yield. As Atsushi Suzuki, Assistant Marketing Manager of the food processing division, explains, "It recognizes images taken by the camera and changes the depth and location for the cuts for each chicken." Then, it grabs the chicken by the wings and simply pulls the meat from the rib cage. The system then makes another shallow incision to remove any remaining white meat from the breastbone before discarding the bones and giblets.

Mmmm, did somebody say nuggets? "No, that was me vomiting." Oh. Because it sounded like you were yelling "UHNUUUUUUUUUGGETS!!".

Hit the jump for a video of the robot doing what it does best (along with all other robots): stab the shit out of flesh. NOTE: Not before/during/after lunch friendly.

How to Strip a Chicken Down to Its Ragged Bones in 2.5 Seconds [gizmodo]

Thanks to Charlie, who eats his meat with bones and all and may be a dragon.

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