Freaking Out: Transparent Plane Concept

June 13, 2011


Credit: Wonder Woman wants some.

Airbus recently unveiled this transparent-skinned (like those Christmas light ants!) plane concept and is billing it as 'the plane of 2050'. GOD, FORGET PLANES, I JUST WANT A JETPACK. Oooooooor a zipline.

First, business and economy cabins are replaced by zones for relaxation in the front, work in the back, and a fully-stocked bar for socialising.

Passengers will be able to see everything to the sides and in front of them. So blindfolds might be handy come take-off and landing time.

The aircraft's walls change according to light conditions. There are holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight entertainment powered by the heat of passengers' bodies.

Most of the basic technology such as moulding seats and 'head-up displays' already exist, but how Airbus plan to make the plant-based, transparent 'skin' of the plane remains a mystery.

Yeaaaaaaaah, I actually like to sleep on flights without the sun trying to burn a hole though me. I say we just skip right over the transparent plane thing and build a teleporter. Or a Chick-Fil-A closer to my house, I'm not trying to be difficult here.

Hit the jump for a couple more conceptual shots.



How will they keep the bugs off the windscreen? Airbus unveil the transparent plane we'll be flying around in come 2050 (but maybe not those with a fear of flying) [dailymail]

Thanks to Nick, who doesn't need a plane to fly because he can just spread his wings. What are you, an eagle? "Falcon." Ah.

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