Electric Wristband, Automated Finger Control

June 28, 2011


Ever wish you could move your fingers involuntarily? Hell no, that's how people wind up stabbing themselves (alternatively, running with scissors -- it's a no-no, kids). But did that stop researchers at the University of Tokyo from packing the technology into a wristband? It did not. Now make a headband model so people think I'm a spaz! "We already do." *trying to catch fly with tongue*

The experimental device is actually called the PossessedHand, and controls your digits by shooting small electric currents into your wrist via electrodes strapped to your forearm.

The theory is that the PossessedHand could be used to teach people to play musical instruments by training their fingers to move correctly. I'm not sure that this simple, mindless repetition would actually work without involving the brain. After all, "muscle memory" doesn't actually reside in the muscles.

HA -- learning to play musical instruments. *eyeroll* Nice try, Japan, but if you think for one second we're gonna believe this thing was designed for any reason besides the obvious novelty masturbation aspect, you have another thing coming. Namely, a guy who just sat on his hand till it was numb.

Hit the jump for a short video in case you've always wondered what it would look like to fingerbang an elemental air spirit.

Hardware Hack Takes Control of Your Hand, Freaks You Out [wired]

Thanks to ultrapony and casey, who agree idle hands are the devil's playground. Really?! So like, this little piggy is a swingset?

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