Egyptian Man To Fight Lion, Revive Tourism

June 14, 2011


Seen here with a previous conquest (which may or may yes be an 'I Love You' edition Build-A-Bear), al Sayed al Essawy, the self-proclaimed world's strongest man (despite never competing in those contests I've seen on ESPN) plans to fight a 10-year old, 500-lb lion in front of the pyramids to revive Egypt's struggling tourism. Not gonna lie: I would've looked into running a Groupon first. Fear not though, al Sayed doesn't want to actually kill the lion, just tie it up. The lion? The lion's gonna want to put guy's head in its mouth and chew. Dude does know the "world's strongest man" is still < A F***ING LION, right?

Al-Masry: What about animal lovers? Are you aware of how many people your lion-fighting plans have angered? People are threatening to boycott Egypt and any Egyptian products because of you.

Essawy: That's because they don't understand what I'm going to do. They think I'm going to kill the lion. I'm not going to kill it, nor will I be armed with a sword or dagger - those are all false reports circulated by the media for reasons I don't understand.

Al-Masry: So, you're not going to kill the lion?

Essawy: No. Unless it's a matter of life or death, in which case I will be forced to kill it.

Al-Masry: When is fighting a lion not a matter of life or death?

Essawy: It's up to the lion. If he chooses to withdraw, or surrender, and lets me tie him up, then I will not kill him and the fight will end. But, like I said, if it comes down to either me or him, I will have to kill him. But I don't want to kill the lion, nor am I planning on it. I want to make that clear.

There's an entire interview if you follow the link in which al Insaneo talks a bunch of other contradictory craziness about the fight, his training, and all around bat-shit insanity that can only be explained by a life of demanding people "hit me as hard as you can, I can take it." If it's a fair fight, dude's gonna get his face mauled off.

Q&A with Egypt's Gladiator: Fight with Lion still on! [almasryalyoum]
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Thanks to Andrew, who agrees if this turns into al Sayad and a guy dressed as Lion-O greco-Roman wrestling in a kiddy pool full of baby oil that shit is gonna be hot. "I didn't say that." I know, I said it for you.

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