Eatensil: A Swiss Army Knife For The Kitchen

June 10, 2011


The Eatensil is exactly what it sounds like. "An edible pencil?!" Okaaaaaaaay, maybe not. They really should have called it the Chopsitckpizzacuttersporknifewoodenthingybottleopener, which, I think we can all agree, really rolls off the tongue. Also, marbles when your mom pries your mouth open after asking if you've been eating your toys again. But I like they way they feel in my cheeks! One time I even got to go to the emergency room after stuffing four Hotwheels wheels up my nose! True story.

The Eatensil: For All Those Times You Need a Pizza Cutter on the Go [gizmodo]

Thanks to Gretel, who should have left a trail of uncooked spaghetti noodles or something instead of bread.

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