Eat Something That's Glowing!: Transparent Ants Turn The Color Of Whatever They Eat

June 9, 2011


These ghost ants, which we will now only refer to as Christmas light ants, have clear abdomens and turn the color of whatever they eat. Which, in the wild, is probably a green or brown. BORING! I say we bring some rainbow cake and glowsticks to our next picnic. Also, maybe a bottle of wine and a blanket in case things get, how should I say, romantic. "Dammit GW -- there's nothing romantic about watching you eat an entire turkey." Oh no? *greasing nips with drumstick* "No." *sucking potato salad popsicle*

Ghost ants change color according to the food they eat [todayilearned] (that orange juice and skim milk don't make a good breakfast smoothie)

Thanks to Rebecca, who wishes her dogs had transparent stomachs so she knew which one was getting into the trash.

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