Doing It Totally, Totally Wrong: Updating Your Facebook While In A Standoff With The Police

June 23, 2011


Jason Valdez (whose Facebook profile you can view HERE to read everything that went down), 36, barricaded himself and his ladyfriend in a motel room after police tried to serve a felony warrant on a drug related charge. Then sat in the room for 18-hours providing Facebook status updates but didn't have the decency to write a Yelp review for the motel.

Utah police were involved in a standoff with a guy in a motel and he updated his Facebook status throughout the ordeal -- which ended with him shooting himself in the chest as a SWAT team raided the place (he's now in critical condition at the hospital, but expected to survive).

Many of the reports claim that it was a "hostage" situation, because there was a woman in there with him, but, if you read through the messages, it seems pretty clear that she was there willingly. The guy, Jason Valdez, even posted photos of the two of them and joked about his "hostage."

Listen dipshits (you know who you are) -- before this turns into the idiotic trollfest about race that I know you bottomfeeders are capable of, how about we like, not do that? I know it's not easy for some of you more short-sighted halfwits, but remember: the easiest things to do in life are rarely the best. Take your mom for example.

Sign Of The Times: Guy Updates Facebook Status During Police Standoff [techdirt]

Thanks to mud, who got on my jeans and now I'm gonna have to wash them despite only having worn them for a week.

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