Doggelgänger Facial Recognition Matches You With An Adoptable Pet That Looks Like You

June 7, 2011


You know how they say people look like their dogs? That's because most people are ugly (alternatively: pugly). I don't look anything like my dog. I look like something Michelangelo would have carved out of marble with a diamond dong, and she looks like she's licking her vaj and doesn't care if I'm watching WHICH I'M TRYING NOT TO.

Pedigree's New Zealand branch hired design agency Colenso BBDO to come up with a new way to get the word out on pup adoptions. Using the idea that dog owners tend to look like their pets, Colenso teamed up with NEC to develop Doggelgänger, "Human to canine pairing software, designed to connect real homeless dogs to their human doubles."

You can go to the site and use your webcam or an uploaded photo to see what dogs you look like, which, SPOILER: ugly ones. At least that's what it gave me and I'm what 4/5 dentists gynecologists would describe as "devilishly handsome" and "not supposed to be in here".

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and the link to try it for yourself.



Doggleganger (site will start loading if you click)
Find and Adopt a Dog Who Looks Just Like You! [pawesome]

Thanks to Sonia, who looks more like a cat.

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