DIY 'High Speed Stop Motion Video Camera'

June 13, 2011


This is a video from Youtuber Smarter Every Day (I'm the opposite and almost drowned in my Carnation Instant Breakfast this morning), best known for that video where he shakes a chicken and its head never moves , with what he's calling a 'DIY high-speed video camera'. Per the man himself because I'm sucky explainer:

I've cluged together a way to capture high speed video of repetitive events at much higher resolution than any commercial high speed camera on the market. It's basically high-speed-photography-stop-motion. If you're familiar with the awesome work of Alan Sailer it's like that, only my flash duration is longer than his. I repeat the same event over and over at a slightly different delay time (in my case 50 microseconds or so) and basically yield a cool video.

Pretty neat right? I was going to make one myself of me jumpkicking one of those giant stuffed animals you win at an amusement park but I don't have one because all those games are rigged. $100 says all the people you see walking around with the big prizes are actually undercover employees. "I've won one before." Seriously?! "No, but I did puke on a rollercoaster after not giving a hotdog time to digest." OMG, ME TOO! Did it hit anybody? Because mine splattered people. You could tell how good a chewer I am.

Hit the jump for the video. Gun actually fired around 2:00 and match head destruction around 2:50.


Thanks to Destin, who's inspired me to set up a candid camera to see which one of the dogs is peeing on the rug at night. UPDATE: Aaaaaaaaaand I'm a sleep-pisser.

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