Dial-Up Modem Noise Slowed Down 700%

June 29, 2011


Ever wonder what an old 56k modem sounds like slowed down 700%? Jesus, you really need to stop wondering about such weird shit, you're scaring me. But, because curiosity killed the cat and I'm hoping it'll do the same to you, here it is anyway. It sounds like...the aliens are coming. Kind of relaxing and 'clench your butthole as tight as you can' at the same time. Like the steam-room at the gym, amirite guys?! I actually saw a dude's pecker last time. Theeeeeeeen he caught me looking. I winked to let him know I was bigger.

Hit the jump for the slow-mo cacophony.

The Dial-Up Sound 700% Slower [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Dallas, who -- the entire city?! I WANT A KEY TO YOU.

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