Dammit, You're Doing Towing It Wrong!

June 23, 2011


Something's not right.

This is a video of an SUV towing what appears to be a BMW with parking cone orange rims when shit goes south. I'm not sure if something caused the craziness, or if the driver just overcompensated for a little swervature (which is a word now), but things go downhill fast. Think "riding down carpeted stairs on a couch cushion", but replace the couch cushion with a greased cookie sheet. It's like that. One time I slammed into the front door so hard I black out until my parents came home. From vacation. They say I might have brain damage.

Hit the jump for the 'I'm sure that'll buff right out'.


Thanks to zurggurgles (WTF?) and Damion, who agree they probably should've just driven the thing.

  • I think if a car didn't tow with a great technique, then definitely there are chances of towing  failure. Which can also caused by over loading. To avoid a tow failure you should be careful.

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