Cyclops Shark With Eye In Middle Of Face

June 30, 2011


Note: Uncensored pictures after the jump cannot be unseen.

I wasn't going to post this because 1. I eat a lot of sushi and 2. it's f***ing disgusting and is gonna give me nightmares FO SHO, but I'm getting the tip so much I figured I might as well. Standards: mine are incredibly low. So yeah, a shark with a single eye in the middle of its head. What's your take, Indy? "It belongs in a freakshow museum!"

According to the Pisces Fleet Sportsfishing blog, this one-eyed bull shark fetus was removed from a mother caught in Mexico's Sea of Cortez. Apparently shark researcher Felipe Galvan Magaña is now examining this monocular specimen.

I'm not sure what shark researcher Felipe Galvan Magana is going to find out, but my guess is that the X-Men's Cyclops has a mermaid fetish and recently chartered a boat.

Hit the jump for two uncensored shots that shouldn't be viewed before, during or after eating.



Cyclopean baby shark smiles for the camera (despite being dead) [io9]

Thanks to bb, Trevor, sam, BURN IT WITH FIRE!, Jonathan, Clark and erica, who have all pulled shark's teeth barehanded. Well damn, badasses!

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