Custom Made Zelda Characters Chess Set

June 13, 2011


This is a custom-molded chess set by Ben Howard (NOT Ron) featuring a bunch of different characters from the Zelda franchise. Need some help naming them all? WELL TOO BAD. Just kidding, I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. Or would I? I'd sneak out on you right in the middle of dinner! Plus slash your tires.


King: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
Queen: Princess Zelda
Bishops: Zoras
Knights: Links
Rooks: Gorons
Pawns: Deku Sprites

King: Ganondorf
Queen: Veran
Bishops: Wizzrobes
Knights: Moblins
Rooks: Octoroks
Pawns: Chu Jellies

Great job, Ben, I want a set. For display, I'm actually the world's worst chess player. Like, real bad. Most of my friends won't even play with me anymore because I always start with the exact same move: stuffing all their pieces in my mouth. UNO!

Hit the jump for a couple more closeups, but you really need to check out the high-res shots at Ben's website if you like them.





Zelda Chess [fizzmanindustries] (with a ton more shots including the molding process)
Handmade Legend Of Zelda Chess Set [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Rebecca, who was more than a little surprised there weren't Darknut knights.

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