Chinese Boy Sells Kidney To Afford iPad

June 2, 2011


I'll trade you an iPad 3 for your liver.

A 17-year old Chinese boy found a black-market organs dealer online willing to pay $3,400 for one of his kidneys, then had it removed to buy an iPhone and iPad. Ha -- and you thought you knew a stupid fanboy.

Without telling his family of his plans, he traveled north from his home in the eastern Anhui province to a hospital in the city of Chenzhou in Hunan province, where he was operated on under the supervision of a kidney-selling agent.

His mother's suspicions were aroused when her son returned home with an iPad 2 and an iPhone, and Zheng, who was left with a deep red scar from the surgery, was forced to admit what he did.

She took him back to Chenzhou to report the crime, but the contact numbers the kidney agents gave Zheng were not working.

Damn! You've got to admit, that's pretty hardcore. Dumb as all shit, but hardcore. Almost makes me want to sell some organs to buy myself something nice. "Which ones?" Good questi-- YOURS! *screwdriver to the gut*

Boy, 17, Sells Kidney to Buy iPad 2 in China [foxnews]

Thanks to blaqk_panda and BellaCroix, who refuse to sell any organs that aren't pipe.

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