Cheap!: $50 Star Wars Character Hoodies

June 17, 2011


Remember those limited edition Marc Ecko Star Wars hoodies that came out a few years ago? Those were pretty cool (well, except the $100+ price tags). These ones? Not as much. But they are less than half the price, so you won't get as pissed when you burn a hole in the chest shooting bottle rockets at a friend playing 'Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter' or whatever the f*** you weirdos do on weekends. Did I mention all three models COME WITH FULLY ZIPPABLE HOODS AND MESH EYEHOLES TO SEE OUT OF?! Because they do. Don't believe me? Hit the jump to see just how good you'll look wearing one like that. SPOILER: Not at all. Leia wouldn't even give you a second glance. "But..." Butt?! Your ass is even worse -- she'd probably vom!

Hit the jump for the hoodies zipped up and on people.



ThinkGeek Product Site
Star Wars Costume Hoodies: The Dark Side of the Fleece [technabob]

Thanks to Amy, who was really hoping for a golden bikini one.

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