Cell Phone Survives The 'Will It Blend?' Test

June 2, 2011


The $550 Sonim XP 3300 is allegedly the world's toughest cell phone, forged by Thor's hammer on Mount Doom in Mordor. I'm lying, but that would be sweeter than honey. Which -- BACK OFF, BEES, I'MMA LICK THIS HIVE! (Can you tell I didn't take my meds today?) The phone is even capable of surviving a round in the Blendomatic or whatever the hell it's called, despite Scott Tom Dicknberries or whatever his name is insisting that the after shot I used in the screencap is of the phone "mostly blended" even though it looks "mostly intact" and can still make and receive calls. Stop lying, Tim! Lying isn't gonna sell more blenders! Lying will make your nose grow though, and then what? Exactly: dick-schnoz.

Hit the jump for the win.

Rugged Sonim cellphone survives the Blendtec blender's blades [dvice]

Thanks to chuck_wagon, who serves tacos and and canned soda out the back of his pick-up.

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