But Can It Fly?: Magic Carpet Not So Magic

June 23, 2011


You know what the worst part about sleeping in a bed is? Nothing. It beats sleeping on the floor any day. Except for the day you have a sleeping bag in which case I am all systems go for a spend-the-night party and we should totally build a pillow fort. Enter the Sasan Magic Carpet, a piece of questionable design that is neither magical nor carpet. Hey Aladdin -- what're your thoughts? "Princess Jasmine shaved her bush into a tophat with a rabbit poking out." LOLWUT?! "Magic carpet joke!" Hoho -- good one. What do you say we go frame someone for stealing and get their hand chopped off?

Sasan Magic Carpet: Swiss Army Furniture [technabob]

Thanks to Margaret, who actually knows a guy who sleeps on the kitchen floor with dish-towels for blankets. Get it? We're friends IRL!

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