Booty Pillows: Pillows Shaped Like Booties

June 3, 2011


Pillow talk?! F*** that noise -- I'm going to bed!

Booty Pillows (not to be confused with Lap Pillows) are real $30 products shaped like the small of a woman's back and buttcheeks for resting your head on at night because you don't have the real thing and a fake one is better than nothing, amirite? No, I'm not. It'll only make you sad, and nobody wants to sleep on a pillow soaked in tears. Unless they're virgin tears, in which case I'MMA WRING THAT SHIT OUT AND MAKE SOME F***IN' POTIONS!*looking through spell book* The uninspiring story of the Booty Pillow:

The story of the Booty Pillow is quite simple. Lull was laying on a girl's butt/small of her back. He thought to himself, "Man, this is really comfortable. I wish I could just take this and keep it. It feels so great!" The next day, he called Nic, told him the story, and then said, "We should make Booty Pillows!" Nic laughed and followed, "I'm down. Let's do it!" The rest is history.

That...was painful. And I'm pretty sure it left out the part where the chick farted. $30 gets one in your color choice of chocolate, cheetah, caramel, burgundy or Amsterdaaamn (snow white). Alternatively, save yourself $30 and put a pair of underwear stolen from a dryer in your apartment building's laundry room on an existing pillow. Which is exactly what I did. My lumpy-ass pillow's wearing Joe Boxers! Aaaaaaaaaand they have skid marks. *stripping bed and burning mattress*

Hit the jump for a bunch more product shots with some of the most confusing imagery I've ever seen.






Product Site
The "Booty Pillow" Is A Real Thing That Exists [gizmodo]

Thanks to Brian, who still sleeps with his blankie. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Me too.

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