BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!: Tank Blast Filmed At 18,000 Frames/Second

June 22, 2011


Ever wonder what the blast from a tank looks like in slow-motion? Well rest easy, Admiral Inquisitive, because that's exactly what this is. Unless I embedded the wrong video, in which case it might be one of me with a grocery bag over my head ranting about trolls and how I want to burn/eat them all alive. What? I'm half fire-dragon, yo!

The tank is a Russian T-90, a third-generation 46.5-tonne beast with a steel-composite-reactive blend armor, shooting a 125mm shell.

The camera is a Photron, a high speed, ultra high definition camera made for scientific analysis.

Oh come on -- was the camera actually designed for scientific analysis, or watching really cool things in slow-motion? "Scientific analysis." I'll ask again -- scientific analysis, or cool things in slow-mo? "Scientific analysis." Okay this time just blink your eyes so I know I'm right.

Hit the jump for the video and another, shot from behind tanky-style.

This Tank Shooting In Super-Slow Motion Is Absolutely Insane [gizmodo]

Thanks to Blazer, who, by my art of deductive reasoning, either loves suit jackets or smokin' weed. Well -- which one is it? "The Chevy." SONOFA!

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