Battery Goo: 'Pumpable' Electric Car Power

June 7, 2011


Faced with the problem of long charge times for electric vehicles vs. the immediacy of pumping gas, lab-coated, taped-glasses scientists at MIT have developed an electric power "goo" that can be pumped into electric cars for an immediate charge. Me? Two boner pills and a beer.

They're calling this black sludge "Cambridge crude," and it's really two different types of goo, each holding charged particles suspended in semi-liquid electrolyte, sort of like how quicksand is comprised of sand particles suspended in water. There's anode goo, and there's cathode goo, and when the two goos are separated by a goo-separating membrane, charge moves from one goo over to the other goo, generating current to power your car.

When all the charge has been used up, you can pull over to a goo station, which will suck out your used goo and pump new goo back in. Or, when you get home, you can plug your car into a wall socket and recharge your goo that way. So it's like having all the advantages of being able to pump gas, with the added advantage of being able to fill up at home, too.

Admittedly this is great news for green vehicles, but my only concern is this: I'm gonna need it to smell like gasoline. You see -- I'm all for cleaner power, but I'm also into fumes. And can you blame me? You can't. For putting that dent in your fender pulling out of the gas station? Maybe.

Battery goo is like gas for electric cars, but better [dvice]

Thanks to dylan, who has a Mr. Fusion system and doesn't give a shit.

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