Batman's Stage Show Batmobile Revealed

June 20, 2011


When I first read the article I thought this was the new Batmobile for 'The Dark Knight Rises' and was already composing a piece of hate-mail when I realized it's just the Batmobile for the Batman Live World Arena Tour. Lemme tell ya -- I was muy unhappyo there for a minuto. "GW, that's not good Spanish." Oh really? I took two years in high school, I think I'd know. Pinto.

Gordon Murray designed the Formula One cars that won six world championships, then he went on to create the incredible McLaren F1 supercar for the road. So when he was given the task of creating the latest Batmobile, he came up with a design that projects Formula One design elements as they might exist in 15-20 years, including what he calls "breathable" carbon fiber.
I have no idea what the hell "breathable" carbon fiber is, but if it's anything like a "breathable" athletic sock, you can count me a fan. What?! I get swamp-foot easy! Also: colds, which is why I don't shake hands. Kidding, I've just convinced myself the last thing a person's done before shaking my hand is masturbate.

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Latest Batmobile unveiled by F1 designer Gordon Murray [dvice]

Thanks to Tracey, who agrees waaaaaaay too many incarnations of the Batmobile look like giant wieners for the caped crusader not to have something going on with Robin.

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