Avatar Tattoo Guy, Now With #'s 9 & 10 (Plus Future Chestpiece And Neytiri Themed Truck!)

June 30, 2011


Note: Search 'avatar tattoo' in the sidebar to see the progression.

The last time we checked in with Iggy the Avatar superfan he was at tattoo # 8, but that was way back in 2010. Since then he's gotten #'s 9 and 10 (the faces flanking his shank-zones), planned # 11 (a giant fire-dragon or whatever the f*** great leonopteryx soaring atop his titties), and customized his Chevy truck with tons of Neytiri imagery. It's really a sight to behold. Especially if you're a big Avatar fan. Ooooooor really down on yourself for some of the decisions you've been making lately.

Hit the jump for more Neytiri than you could shake a sharpened stick at -- or would want to.









Iggy's Profile on the Avatar Forums

Thanks to Steve and Andrew, who haven't even gotten their first Avatar tattoos yet. Get with it, guys -- this guy's smokin' you!

  • Pinky Mirianna

    Biggest fan ever....

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