Australian Girl Singing Facebook Song

June 24, 2011


In b4 'I'd do her' (she's 16, perv).

NOTE: Two bad words at 0:45.

This is a video of Madelaine Zammit (who looks suspiciously like a cross between Jewel and Leelee Sobieski -- can science do that now? Can two womens have a baby?) singing a song about Facebook. It's okay. The best parts are 1. her accent and 2. the song between 0:40 - 1:00. If you only have time to watch twenty seconds, watch those ones. If you only have ten seconds to watch, well, you're working waaaaay too f***ing hard for a Friday. God, what's next -- NOT taking a nap after lunch?!

Hit the jump for the video. BFF Geekologie on Facebook HERE.


Thanks to Alex, who broke into an original song about Geekologie before in the middle of karaoke before and the crowd went wild. With rage. A whooooole lotta rage.

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