Another Day, Another Ball-Jiggling Robot

June 3, 2011


Did I say jiggling? Because I meant juggling. I'm just not gonna change the headline because I figured the sensationalism might attract some more traffic. "Like opening a nudey bar at the mall?" Exactly like opening a nudey bar at the mall. This is a robot that can juggle five balls simultaneously. Plus it makes the sound of a robot diddling its dipstick while it operates, so that's a bonus. Just not the kind of bonus you'd want to call in the next 15-minutes to receive. Hold on, there's a clown at the door and he's crying. There there, buddy -- they're not gonna take your job away from you. Huh? That's not why you're crying? You found Tiny dead in the trunk of the clown car?!?! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO DO A HEAD-COUNT AFTER EVERY PERFORMANCE!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch of ball juggling goin' on.

Juggling robot mesmerizes and is an electronic wonder [ubergizmo]

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